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We have been providing the St. Louis area with quality gutter installation services since 2001. We install 5"-6" seamless gutters with a variety of colors. If you have a leaf problem, we have solutions. All gutters are installed by qualified installers. We are locally owned company.

gutters in the St. Louis area
Gutter Installation
Gutter Guys systems represent the finest in seamless gutter installation. We use the highest quality material and our workmanship is second to none. Gutter Guys will install your gutter system with both form and functionality. It will work flawlessly and will be as visually appealing as the rest of your home.
The importance of gutter apron
Seamless gutter installations without flashing will compromise the quality of the installation, allowing water to seep between gutters and fascia areas, causing rot and premature degradation of the your structure. Insist on gutter flashing in your installation, even if it not required in your community.
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"Good afternoon Dan, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all the years of service you have given us. We appreciate all of your hard work for the families and the community. We have provided a place for someone to call home, something most of us take for granted. As our St. Peters community is nearing completion in early 2011, we look forward to your help in our future endeavors. From all of us at Habitate for Humanity we Thank You."

Kelly Brooks
Development Coordinator
General Gutter Clearning Tips
Plan on inspecting your gutters twice a year in the spring and fall. If your house is under any trees you may have to clean gutters more often.
- A small garden shovel works well for scooping debris out of gutters, or make your own gutter shovel with a 1 liter plastic pop bottle. Cut off the bottom of the bottle and half of the cylinder to make a scoop.
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